Product Availability

As your only Lincoln wholesaler, we provide a wide selection of fresh cuts. Our standing availability throughout the year includes a prominent selection of standard floral as well as seasonal options. Check out our selections below to learn more.

Standing Floral Selections

The following flowers are available year-round, but we encourage you to contact us directly for current inventory.


Seasonal Floral Selections

The following flowers are periodically available throughout the year. As always, feel free to reach out with your specific needs and requests.

Seasonal Fall

Seasonal Winter

Seasonal Spring

Seasonal Summer


We deliver

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Delivery Options

To ensure the quality of the product, we recommend using Cutts’ delivery service. We have a Team and fleet of vehicles that deliver product to our customers within a 200-mile radius of Lincoln.

If you miss our delivery cutoff and live outside our normal route, you have the option of using a local delivery service, like ASAP, which overnights the product to you. If you use an alternate service, we are not liable for any or all damages to the product once it leaves our facility. Damage while in transit is between you and the carrier.

As always, you are more than welcome to come shop our cooler and pick out the product yourself. In fact, if you haven’t seen our facility, we encourage you to come check us out!


Available Hard Goods


Syndicate Vases and Floral Foam

We have a selection of Syndicate Vases and Floral Foam on-site for purchase. Below is a link to the manufacturer’s webpage for examples of options you can choose from. Please contact us with any questions.

Oasis Vases and Floral Foam

We also have a selection of Oasis Vases and hard goods. Below is the manufacturer’s site for browsing selections. Please call ahead to check for availability.



A premium selection of satin, wire and mesh ribbon for all of your decorating needs.

Baskets and Liners

Novelty and everyday baskets and liners to accommodate your beautiful plants.

Chrysal Flower Food

Keep your flowers healthy with proper food to promote growth and sustainability.

Flower Pots

An assortment of flower pots are available on-site. Please call ahead for special requests.


Urns and Casket Saddles

Plastic and paper mache containers used for funeral or large arrangements.

Design Master Spray Paint

Glitter, matte and glossy floral paint in an assortment of colors and shades to match the look you are going for.

Floral Tape, Glue, Water Tubes, Wrapping Tissue, Floral Wire, Cutters and Other Miscellaneous Goods

The basics for any floral decorator. We have a vast selection of options for all your arranging needs.

Prom, Weddings and Special Events

We carry corsage wristlets, boutonniere pins, bouquet holders, rhinestones, feathers, and other celebratory goods.

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